* 1. What is the name of your Department?

* 2. Department Location (Building and Room Number)

* 4. Does your department's MFD print in black/white, or both black/white and color?

* 5. Please rate the following dimensions of your Multi-Functional Device

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Very Dissatisfied N/A
Ease of Use
Quality Compared to using a normal printer
Overall cost of printing (including toner, paper and all repairs) compared to using a normal printer
Professionalism of Service Technician Staff
Responsiveness of Service Technicians to service requests (submitted by calling x5105 or emailing VoiceMail.RicohCopiers@UToledo.Edu)
Responsiveness of Auxiliary Services Staff to MFD requests and move requests
Ability for Service Technicians to Answer Questions
Resources Available Online

* 6. How do you utilize the Multi-Functional Devices? (check all that apply)

* 7. Overall, do you prefer printing to a Mulit-Functional Device or normal printer?

* 8. Please tell us how we can improve your Multi-Functional Device Experience

* 9. Would you like us to contact you for further clarification on Multi-Fuctional Device use? If yes, please provide your name and phone number.