We're taking stock of the Netroots UK project at the moment, and deciding how to develop it this year and beyond. It would be really helpful to get your feedback on some of the questions we're considering.

* 1. Have you been to Netroots UK events before?

* 2. What direction should we be taking Netroots UK in 2013?

* 3. Where would you be willing to travel to attend a Netroots UK event?

* 4. How much would you be able (and willing) to pay to attend a full day event, with training and lunch/refreshments?

* 5. Who would you like to see as keynote speakers at a national Netroots UK event, or what major themes?

* 6. What could make a national Netroots UK event more enjoyable?

* 7. What's the thing we're most likely to get wrong?

We'd like to be able to contact you, either if we have questions about your comments, or to tell you about upcoming activity. This is totally optional though, so don't fill it in if you don't want - We still want your thoughts!

* 8. Your name

* 9. Your email address (if we can contact you)

* 10. Your Twitter username (we'd like to follow you!)

Netroots UK only gets things done through people giving their time and help, for events and on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to get involved, we're always looking for event volunteers, presenters and trainers, technical specialists, people with great ideas, and especially sponsors!

* 11. Can you help? Is there anything you'd like to offer or suggest for future events or ongoing work?