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According to a #MICEproject research report (here):

"Twitter 'backchannels' are increasingly popular at medical conferences. A variety of user groups, including healthcare providers and third party entities (e.g., pharmaceutical or medical device companies) use these backchannels to communicate with one another. These backchannels are unregulated and can allow third party commercial entities to exert an equal or greater amount of influence than healthcare providers. Third parties can use this influence to promote their products or services instead of sharing unbiased, evidence-based information."

Digital consultant Len Starnes says the analysis raises some "critical issues concerning the industry’s apparent power to influence: should its behaviour be curbed or regulated in some way?"

The authors of the study propose six activities that medical conference organizers should consider in order to draft appropriate future guidelines. Please take a few minutes to tell me YOUR opinion regarding these options.

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John Mack
Editor, Pharma Marketing News