We would like to elicit your thoughts on the two European Ontology Network (EUON) meetings this year and future direction of the network.

The survey should only take a few minutes.

* 1. Did you attend any of the following events? Select all that apply.

* 2. If you attended the 1st EUON Workshop, how would you rate the content?

* 3. Over 100 people registered for the first EUON workshop. How would you rate the opportunity to meet new people as part of the network?

* 4. What has been the most useful part of EUON

* 5. What could EUON do better?

* 6. What future topics or events would you be interested in seeing EUON organise or participate in?

* 7. Would you be interested in attending a 2nd EUON workshop?

* 8. EUON plans to schedule monthly 'virtual coffee' breaks from early 2015 in which participants informally join online and chat around a pre-specified topic. Are there any topics you'd be interested in discussing?

* 9. If you would like to actively contribute to EUON activities please add your name & email below. Alternatively, if you have any other comments please add them below.