1. System Efficacy

Instructions: Please answer candidly the following questions about your experience with the student conduct process using the five-point scale listed below. Completion of the survey is voluntary and will take approximately 10 minutes. Your responses will be part of a national assessment project on the outcomes of the process you just experienced. Your participation will not be part of your disciplinary record. Think of this scale as a continuum where 1=strongly disagree and 5=strongly agree. Respond to each item based on your experience with Kutztown University's student conduct system. You may choose to not respond to an item by leaving it blank. Your email address and any other personal identifier cannot be attached to your responses. Your answers will be used as grouped data and will remain totally anonymous. Thank you for your timely consideration.

Steve Janosik and Matt Stimpson
NASCAP Consulting

* 1. I received clear communications about the accusation(s) made against me.

* 2. I received sufficient information about the conduct process so that I could prepare for my case.

* 3. I was given the chance to tell my side of the situation.

* 4. I was treated in a respectful manner.

* 5. Regardless of the outcome of the case, I believe that I was treated fairly.

* 6. My case was handled in a timely manner.

* 7. Given what was explained to me and given what I know about my institution's policies, the sanction seems to be in line with current practice.

* 8. I understand why administrators at my institution are concerned about my alleged misconduct.

* 9. I understand how my alleged misconduct affects other members of my community.

* 10. With respect to my behavior, I realize that I have a responsibility to others in the academic community and my institution.

* 11. I understand my institution’s expectations with respect to student behavior.

* 12. I understand how accepting responsibility for my own behavior helps me become a better member of my community.

* 13. As a result of my case, I understand my institution’s perspective on my behavior.

* 14. As a result of my case, I am less likely to engage in the same misconduct in the future.

* 15. As a result of my case, I am less likely to engage in any other misconduct in the future.

* 16. As a result of my case, I am more likely to reflect on my own personal integrity.

* 17. Prior to being accused of student misconduct, I had read my institution's student conduct policies thoroughly.

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