* 1. Did you enjoy the event?

* 2. How would you rate the venue/location?

* 3. Overall, how would you rate the event?

* 4. What did you like most about this event?

* 5. What did you like least about this event?

* 6. Would you attend this event again next year?

* 7. If this event took place again, what is one community cause that you would like us to support?

* 8. Please provide any other feedback that you might have. Your opinions are very important and will be taken into consideration if the event takes place again next year. Thank you!

* 9. Would you pay an additional $10 for a t-shirt to be included, or would you rather have the option of purchasing a t-shirt after the event?

* 10. Overall, how would you rate the overall organization of the event? (i.e. timeliness, registration, order, communication of details, etc.)?

* 11. How did you hear about this event?

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