Welcome to the formal consultation on our Neighbourhood Plan

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.
The consultation runs from 21st August to 4th October 2015. Closing date for receipt of forms is 11th October 2015.
Our informal consultation indicated that local residents were broadly happy with the Plan. We are now consulting formally and with the statutory consultees as a final "check" before submission. If you are broadly happy with the Plan you don't need to comment at this stage, but you can if you wish to show your support (see final question)
The comment sheet is intended to assist people in responding to the consultation. In order to comment you are required to provide your name and address. You can choose to comment on all or any of the Policies and there is a section at the end for general comments. Alternatively you can write or e mail but please include your name and address, refer to the Policy on which you are commenting and be clear what changes you think should be made and why. Please keep responses as concise as possible. Comments can be sent to Malcolm Wilson, Clerk, Shillingstone Parish Council, 4 The Orchard, Ibberton, Blandford Forum, DT11 0EL or e mail shillingstone @dorset-aptc.gov.uk