How Are We Doing?

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Thanks again for your business and for taking the time to help us improve!

* 1. A little bit about you...

* 2. How was the overall experience of placing your order?

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor
Ordering Experience:

* 3. Please rate the knowledge and communication skills of the Bread & Company team member who took your order.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor
B&C Team Member:

* 4. Was your order delivered on time?

  Right on time! Way too early Late Way too late
Order On Time:

* 5. Was the order accurate?

  Yes, hit the bullseye! Not really Not even close!
Accuracy of Order:

* 6. Do you like our packaging?

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor
Order Packaging:

* 7. Please rate the demeanor and appearance of the delivery driver.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor
Delivery Driver:

* 8. Overall, is our performance...?

  Constantly exceeding my expectations! Living up to my standards So-So Poor
Overall Impression:

* 9. Would you like a follow-up call?

* 10. Additional Comments/Questions: