1. High School (9-12 Only)

We want the food service program in Houston County to be the best it can be and so we are asking for your input. Please answer the following questions to help us better serve you.

* 2. What is your grade in school?

* 3. In general, how often do you eat school lunch?

* 4. If you indicated that you never eat school lunch, please tell us why you don't participate in the school lunch program. Choose all that apply

* 5. How often do you eat off campus?

* 6. Please select all that apply to our school lunches.

* 7. Please Circle the best answer to the following about your school lunch program by using the following scale:

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor
1. The Number of food choices
2. The quality of food choices
3. the variety of food choices
4. The appearence of food offered
5. Foodservice prices
6. Cafeteria enviroment
7. Friendliness of foodservice staff
8. The amount of time to eat lunch

* 8. I would eat school lunch more often if:

* 9. The Thing that I like best about the school lunch program is:

* 10. Please list any foods that you would like to add to the lunch menu: