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If you answer any survey questions with "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree" please add a comment to explain.

* 1. Course met learning objectives:
1. Practice: Entering & retrieving data in StarPanel
2.Practice: Entering and editing orders in HEO
3. Recognize: Value of decision support tools
4. Practice: Electronic prescription via Rx-Star
5. Practice: Radiology results via IMPAX system
6. Differentiate: Inpatient and clinic workflows

* 2. Length of the course was satisfactory.

* 3. Instructors were knowledgeable.

* 4. Instructors explanations added value to my learning.

* 5. Practice sessions were helpful in allowing me to meet the objectives.

* 6. Enough time was dedicated to practice.

* 7. Computers and systems (HEO/Wiz, StarPanel) allowed me to complete the class activities.

* 8. Training was easy to follow and organized.

* 9. This training will be useful in my daily job.

* 10. A 3 month post-training survey will be sent to you via email. After 3 months in the clinical areas, will you complete the survey and give us feedback for improvement to the training?