SketchUp Pro is a 3D modeling software for professionals. SketchUp Pro allows anyone to design buildings, products, even entire communities. Colorado Department of Education (CDE) with the help of eNetLearning through Trimble is offering free SketchUp Pro licenses.

To receive free SketchUp Pro licenses, please provide the following information. Upon completion of this form, you have agreed to install the requested SketchUp Pro licenses only on computers used in your school district and agree that SketchUp Pro will not be used for commercial use.

Your request will be processed within seven days and license information will be send to the email address listed in this form. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Teresa Yohon at

NOTE: CDE and eNetLearning do NOT provide installation or technical assistance for SketchUp Pro. Please use Trimble's online tools (links to these tools will be provided with your license information.)

* 1. Requester's First Name

* 2. Requester's Last Name

* 3. Job Title

* 4. School District

* 5. Email Address

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* 7. In what content areas SketchUp Pro be used?

* 8. In what grade levels will SketchUp Pro be used?

* 9. On what type of computer platforms will you install SketchUp Pro licenses?

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* 10. What version of SketchUp Pro do you want?

* 11. Please provide the names and email addresses of teachers you think will be your primary users or early adopters of SketchUp Pro?

(Email addresses will be used to learn how teachers are using SketchUp Pro in the classroom and to identify best practices.)

* 12. If you plan to use lab license, how many seats do you plan to install in your lab?

* 13. Based on the licenses that you are requesting, approximately how many students do you think will use or be exposed to SketchUp Pro during the school year?