Purpose of Your Input

The City of Santa Monica received funding under Measure H (the county-wide ¼ cent tax increase that is generating over $300 million annually for homeless services) to develop a community-wide training curriculum on homelessness and has partnered with Brandman University. This flexible, modular curriculum will provide community members with practical tips and strategies for effective and safe interactions with homeless neighbors, and give guidance for how to be involved in local and regional solutions to homelessness.

The purpose of these questions is to elicit your feedback in order to better understand your interactions with people experiencing homelessness in the community. These responses will help us to determine the topics for our community-wide training curriculum.

Please answer the following questions with as much detail as you can. We appreciate your help.

* 1. How often do you find yourself interacting with people experiencing homelessness?

* 2. Please list the types of interactions you may have with people experiencing homelessness (conversation, asking for work, asking for help, etc.)

* 3. Please describe a positive interaction you have had with a person experiencing homelessness.

* 4. Please describe a negative interaction you have had with a person experiencing homelessness.

* 5. What information could the City provide you with to help make you feel better prepared for interactions with someone experiencing homelessness?

* 6. What resources do you need to better address the people experiencing homelessness in your area?

* 7. What is the one question that you would like an answer to that would help you feel positive about your ability to contribute to homeless solutions?

Thank you for your assistance in helping to create a more informed community response to homelessness!