RITB survey of members, runners, Facebook followers and previous members

Running in the Burbs is looking to better understand our members, runners, Facebook followers and previous members to ensure we are being the best we can be.  Please answer all questions you can and include comments where indicated.

* 1. Name / email address

* 2. Are you a current member/runner with RITB?

* 3. What motivates you to run?  (Please select all that apply)

* 4. Are you currently training for or about to commence training for an event?  (Please tell us what event including distance entered or expected to run)

* 5. What RITB training sessions do you currently or intend to attend?

* 6. If known, what pace do you currently run for long Saturday runs?

* 7. RITB strive to make every members run experience a positive one.
Please rate your satisfaction with current Saturday Long Runs.
Do you have any comments/suggestions about the pace groups and/or Run Leader organisation?
Please indicate if you are interested in applying to become a Run Leader (include your name)

* 8. What distances or types of terrain would you run or like to see available at the Saturday morning long runs?  Please choose all that apply.

* 9. Do you attend Saturday morning excursion runs?  Please include in your comments your favourite locations or if you have any suggested locations.

* 10. Please provide any comments regarding RITB run options, RITB social events and other member offers.
Tell us what we do well and not-so well.