Welcome to the Sustainable Destination Program Survey

Dear Sustainability Stakeholders and Interested Parties of Teton County,

The Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program has commenced after the development of the Program Plan and Memorandum of Understanding. One of our initial steps in implementing the Program is to survey and inventory all of our community's sustainability assets – our organizations and businesses, programs and projects, and products and services that are involved in economically, environmentally and/or socially responsible activities. The uses of the inventory include the following:

• Creating an online directory of organizations and businesses active in sustainability efforts
• Education and networking for all stakeholders on who and what is involved in local sustainability efforts
• Identification of possible partnerships and leveraging of resources
• Identification of gaps in overall community sustainability effort
• Basis for generating promotional content for local destination marketing entities
• Basis for providing recognition to local sustainability efforts
• Increasing interest and participation in local sustainability efforts

Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey by [insert date]. You have the opportunity to provide comments or additional information following your responses to the questions.

Thank you!