* 1. What do you think are the most important needs in the communities you care about? (this can be your family, friends, school, neighborhood, state, or even worldwide). Why needs do you most wish you could help address?

* 2. What types of activities do you enjoy doing most? Which activities do you enjoy where you feel really productive and engaged?

* 3. Do you want to experiment with being a SquidMinders Intern? If it is okay to follow up with you, please complete these boxes. No Spam - we promise!

* 4. Any other comments or things you want us to know?

Thanks for filling in your answers - more Qs to come! For now, can you press the Done button to submit your answers, then go back to the wikihow.com page re: How to be a SquidMinders Intern? And send me an email to let me know you were SquidMinding! DrMel@squidminders.org. Thanks!