Dear water sportsmen & women,

Welcome to the the first Global Injury Register for gliding board sports. This anonymized 5-minute survey was initiated by Surfing Medicine International, the world's leading network for health professionals focused on keeping the surfer healthy and safe. 

The purpose of the Global Injury Register is to find out more about patterns & prevalence in board sport injuries. With this knowledge we aim to improve safety measurements, help the industry evolve safer products and deliver you precise tailor-made knowledge in safety & first aid. 

With your help we can achieve this goal!

* 1. Are you reporting an injury or incident that happened to you or someone else?

* 2. Did the injury, or condition need care in a clinic, emergency room, or doctor’s office?

* 3. During which water-sport did it happen?

* 4. What kind of injury?

* 5. Which body part was affected?

* 6. What caused the injury or incident?

* 7. WHERE did it happen? (1/2)

* 8. WHERE did it happen? (2/2)

* 9.

WHEN did it happen?


* 10. How long did it take to FULLY recover?

* 11. Were there clear safety informations available on site?

* 12. Was there a lifeguard or other safety personell on duty when the incident happened?

* 14. Please rate the skills of the victim in that specific water-sport on the day of the incident.

* 15. (Optional) Your Email

* 16. (Optional) Can you shortly describe what happened? (max. 100 words)