Page 1: Background Information

Thank you for taking the time to help the Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency (SMGWA) ensure that we are sufficiently serving residents and agricultural operators on private wells or small water systems. The survey is anonymous. If you have a question about the survey, please call Sierra Ryan at (831) 454-3133.

Results of this survey will be aggregated and posted on the website,


* 1. Based on the map above, which locationbest describes where you live?

* 2. Which potential benefits from the Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency interest you? Rank them in order of interest with 1 being the highest level of interest.

* 3. Do you have a well on your parcel, and if so, does your well(s) serve more than one parcel?

* 4. How many parcels are served by the well?

* 5. Has a meter been installed on the well?

* 6. How many total acres of land do you own or lease in the basin?

* 7. How many total houses/residences are on your owned/leased parcel(s)?

* 8. How many residents live on the parcel(s)