Safety performance related measures have been classified in two categories termed lagging and leading indicators. Lagging indicators such as injury frequency denote measures where there is a consequence to a person or property that causes injury or loss. Leading indicators measure proactive safety supportive activities like hazard reporting that work to prevent incidents from occurring. It follows that the achievement of good performance in the leading indicator category generally acts to improve lagging indicator results.

Leading indicators of health and safety performance are a high profile topic across the minerals industry currently. The recent ICMM publication on the topic outlines the benefits of leading indicators, the components of a sound leading indicator system, and provides guidance on implementing leading H&S indicators.

This survey aims to establish the industry’s current position in relation to H&S leading indicators, and to identify areas where the work of the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group can assist minerals companies to improve their use of leading indicators.

* 1. Does your organisation use any of the following lagging indicators?

* 2. Does your organisation use any of the following leading indicators?

* 3. Regarding the ICMM Leading Indicators document, have you:

* 4. How do you classify non-injury, potentially fatal near misses?

* 5. Do you investigate these type of incidents to a greater level of detail than others? (see question 4 for type of incidents)

* 6. Are your health and safety indicators (leading and lagging) common across the whole organisation, or different between operating sites or divisions?

* 7. How mature is your company / mine in implementing leading safety indicators:

* 8. Would you be interested in a ten minute phone call to further discuss leading indicators and high potential incidents in your organisation to assist us in gathering more detailed information? If so, please provide your name and email and we’ll be in touch.