Application Guidance for Citizens

The Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan intends to advance six rapid transit corridors, along with a network system of Bus Express Rapid Transit (BERT) service, in order to implement mass transit projects in Miami-Dade County. As part of this effort, we would like to hear your ideas to support the SMART including: transit improvements, bicycle, pedestrian, connections to improve your commute, self-driving vehicles and other projects to improve mobility, safety and access in our community.
Please complete these six simple questions regarding your SMART idea. Please respond by March 2, 2018 at 5:00 PM. Follow-up calls and/or e-mails may be conducted by the Miami-Dade TPO. Thank you for your responses!

* 1. Please provide the following contact information in case we need to follow-up with additional details on your idea:

* 2. Name your idea:

* 3. Describe your idea in detail:

* 4. Please select a category that best describes your idea:

* 5. Why do you think your idea will help to improve transit in Miami-Dade County?

* 6. Provide any additional comments regarding your SMART idea below: