Membership Benefits and Opportunities


Board members of the Social Marketing Association of North America are interested to learn what additional membership benefits and opportunities the Association should offer current and future members. As the organization and its capacities grow, we hope to grow the benefits, too!

Please fill out the following survey. This is a chance to let the Association know what we can do to enhance the professional lives of social marketers in North America. Be candid and help us brainstorm -- we love to listen!


* 1. How do you think SMANA can best advocate for the advancement of Social Marketing? 

* 2. How would you like SMANA to digitally connect social marketing practitioners, academics, and others (Please check all that apply)?

* 3. How would you like to hear about news and updates from SMANA (Check all that apply)?

* 4. Please rank the following potential membership benefits in order of your preference.

* 5. What other benefits should SMANA consider offering to members?

* 6. In the past there was an active Listserv for social marketers. Should SMANA create a Listserv?

13% of survey complete.