* 1. What is your retirement status?

* 2. What factors most influenced when you retired or would like to retire?

* 3. What do you miss most from your pre-retirement life?

* 4. What do you miss the least?

* 5. What do you see as the main purpose of this stage of life?

* 6. How do you spend your time (e.g., last week)?

* 7. How satisfied are you with the following areas of your life?

  Not at all Needs improvement Generally satisfied Nearly perfect
Social (friends and family)
Intimacy (partner, closest companion, relationship)
Productivity (career, work, contributions, usefulness)
Money (financial comfort)
Physical environment (where you spend your time)
Health (energy, vitality)
Personal growth (learning, spiritual, creativity)
Fun (recreation, hobbies)

* 8. What big changes have you made since retiring? Results? Highlights?

* 9. Which of your (work) skills do you continue to enjoy using? How and where?

* 10. If you are willing to answer follow up questions, please provide a first name and email address. For more information visit www.happily-retired.com