We asked Enfield Headteachers what gives them their biggest headache when balancing their budgets 

With £2.8bn wiped from School Funding in England since 2010 is this an impossible task? 

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* 1. Three of your teaching assistants (TAs) are leaving at the end of the year. Do you replace them?

If you don't, your remaining staff will be stretched more thinly across more classes. This means less small group work, and less opportunities to push the more able or help the less able. You have previously funded training for the remaining TAs in certain interventions, which they will no longer be able to undertake.

Enfield has already lost 93 TAs and 165 teachers in the last year.

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* 2. Would you consider reducing school hours to balance your budget?

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* 3. You are lucky enough to have some highly experienced teaching staff. However, they are working harder and longer than ever before. You've already lost staff who have cracked under the pressure.  What can you do to retain them?

"Staff recruitment is becoming a real issue both in terms of the number of applicants and also the quality of those who are applying." (Enfield Headteacher April 2019)

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* 4. Two members of staff are off on long term sick leave with stress. Will you cover them with supply teachers?

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* 5. The roof in the lunch hall develops a leak. Do you fix it?

28% of Enfield Schools have postponed or cancelled essential repairs

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* 6. Which of the following will you fund? You can only choose ONE option

"My biggest headache is having to choose between maintaining a good level of staffing, buying necessary resources and equipment or undertaking urgent school repairs. Regardless of the decision, the children lose out every time." (Enfield Headteacher April 2019)

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