This survey is ONLY for people who have already purchased or used The Golden Moth Illumination Deck.

* 1. How do you personally like to use your deck?

* 2. Have you used your blank cards? If you would like me to feature your images on my websites or blog, please send image files no larger than 2 MB each to

* 3. How helpful overall was the Handbook for you? What parts of the book did you enjoy most and/or were the most helpful?

Here is a recap the Handbook contents:

What Are the Cards?
How Do I Use Them?
Why is it Called "The Golden Moth Illumination Deck?"
An Artist's Perspective

Getting to Know Your Cards
Symbol Interpretation
Card Reference

Basic Method
General Advice
Reading for Yourself
Reading for Others
Choosing a Spread
Sample Reading

* 4. Do you have any questions about the deck that weren't addressed in the Handbook or sections you would like to see expanded upon?

* 5. Would you like to see a symbol interpretation guide that lists possible meanings for each individual card, or do you prefer to leave the symbols completely open to interpretation?

* 6. Please list any stores (online or concrete), blogs, websites, magazines, or other press that you think would be interested in knowing about The Golden Moth Illumination Deck.

* 7. Do you have any additional comments or questions? Would you like to share any positive experiences or observations you have had using your deck?

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