1. Runs October 1-31, 2020. No pre-registration.
2. Choose a team. Finish your team's challenges first (1 movie, 5 books) and then you may complete other teams' challenges and get more points for your team. In order to get points for a movie, you must watch it in October 2020, even if you have already seen it. Each book counts for only ONE challenge.
3. Submit your points: Scroll to the bottom of this page and click "Next." (You can fill out all of the challenges you completed once at the end OR fill it out each time you complete one challenge.) Paper copies are available at library branches.
4. The team with the most points wins!
Scores will be averaged based on how many participants are on a team. No limit to how many participants are on each team.
Participants from the winning team will be entered into a prize raffle. Drawing will occur on November 6, 2020. Prizes must be picked up in person at a Siouxland Libraries branch.
Let us know what you’re reading! Share your books and progress on social media and tag Siouxland Libraries.

2020 Teams and Challenges
Monsters vs Aliens [PG] (10 points)
E.T. [PG] (20 points)
District 9 [R] (30 points)
A Quiet Place [PG-13] (40 points)
Alien [R] (50 points)
Books (50 points each)
UFO: Read a book with the letters "U," "F," and "O," on the cover.
Abduction: Read a book about an abduction.
Little Green People: Read a book with green on the cover.
Outer Space: Read a book about outer space.
The Truth Is Out There…: Read a nonfiction book.
Ghost and Mr. Chicken [NR] (10 points)
Casper [PG] (20 points)
Ghostbusters [PG] (30 points)
The Sixth Sense [PG-13] (40 points)
Paranormal Activity [R] (50 points)
Books (50 points each)
Amityville: Read a book about a psychic/medium.
Winchester Mystery House: Read a book about a ghost.
House of the Seven Gables: Read a classic scary book.
Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast: Read a children's or YA horror book.
Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater: Larry says, "Read a book with a South Dakota connection."
Scoob! [PG] (10 points)
Hocus Pocus [PG] (20 points)
Clue [PG] (30 points)
Get Out [R] (40 points)
Psycho [R] (50 points)
Books (50 points each)
Close to Midnight: Read a scary book at night.
Under the Moonlight: Read a book with the moon on the cover.
Start to Freeze: Read a Scandinavian mystery/horror book.
Creature Creepin': Read a book about an animal/creature.
You're Paralyzed: Listen to an audiobook - you don't have to move a muscle.
Movies (60 points each)
The Conjuring [R]
The Witch [R]
Midsommar [R]
Rosemary's Baby [R]
Hereditary [R]
Books (50 points each)
Flashlight: Read a dark book.
Buddy: Read a book about an unlikely pairing.
Phone: Read a book that's been recommended to you or that you recommend.
Running Shoes: Finish a quick read.
Bring your wits: Read a book about a subject that is unfamiliar to you.

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