Hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Sponsored by the Wells Fargo Foundation

Your Tribe’s Goals: Increase Revenue? Create jobs? Assert Sovereignty?
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Native American tribes across the U.S. have access to abundant solar, wind and other renewable energy resources, representing a substantial economic opportunity for tribes. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will host three invitation-only, all-day listening sessions. Each of these sessions will provide tribal participants an opportunity to:

  1. Discover large-scale renewable electricity and its economic potential;

  2. Receive critical information about your tribe’s potential opportunity to sell energy to market;

  3. Share your thoughts about how the new program could best assist your tribe; and

  4. Learn from other tribes’ experiences with large-scale renewable energy resource development and generation.
By submitting this form, you are applying to participate in one of these three sessions.

Dates: To be determined, approximately April 10-11, April 18, and April 22.

Locations: To be determined, likely East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast. 

Travel: Selected participating tribes will receive a $1,000 travel award.

Contact:  Jack Corbin,, 303-275-3081

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* 1. Tribal Nation

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* 2. First Attendee

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* 3. Second Attendee (If Applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: Only first attendee is guaranteed travel award.

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* 4. What is your tribe’s previous experience with renewables? Describe any existing renewable installations, including their generating capacity in megawatts.

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* 5. What economic or other benefits does your tribe seek in developing large-scale renewable electricity production?

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* 6. What types of renewable resources are your tribe considering? (Check all that apply)

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* 8. If yes, what was the approximate date of participation?


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* 9. Is your tribe interested in partnering with non-tribal corporations on large infrastructure projects?  Describe a project in which your tribe partnered with a non-tribal organization to accomplish an infrastructure or economic development project.

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* 10. Please share any additional energy-related topics you would be interested in discussing at the listening session.

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