* 1. To what extent did the conference meet your expectations (of facilitating connections with colleagues, identifying new approaches to public engagement, highlighting best practices, etc...)?

* 2. What insights did you gain from the conference?

* 3. What suggestions do you have for changes to the conference?

* 4. What subjects and professional development opportunities would you like to see the conference include in the future?

* 5. To what extent did you participate in conference social media and communications activities (i.e. NHC Daily, video opportunities, Facebook, Twitter, #NHC17, Instagram, email, website event page, etc.)? What worked well and what suggestions do you have for improving these initiatives at future conferences?

* 6. Please list your affiliations (check as many as apply).

* 7. Please list your position.

* 8. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the conference (with 4 representing the most satisfied).