Please provide your research idea or question here.  We're hoping to use this form to match VTrans staff and potential researchers.  Researchers could be VTrans research staff, professors/staff working with or without student assistance at a university, or consultants.  Ideas will be solicited throughout the year and we will look closely at least twice--in July as we assemble the federal work plan for the research program (probably considering smaller projects) and in October-November as we look at potentially larger projects.  It may take several months for us to respond to you about your idea.  This is the SIMPLE form.  If you have a more-developed idea, please submit it to the EXPANDED form.

* 1. What is your research idea?  Are you trying to answer a specific question?

* 2. Why is this important to VTrans?  What are the expected benefits of the research for the work that you do and for the Agency?

* 3. Contacts.  Please provide your name and email.  Please list (additional) VTrans staff or (additional) potential researchers that are interested in this topic.