1. Collin College Service Learning Orientation Welcome

Dear Student:

Welcome to Collin College and to the experience of Service Learning!

Service-learning is leadership in action! It is experiential learning. It is a way of learning that connects academic classroom objectives to meaningful service in the community.

Service-learning is NOT volunteering. Service-learning is based in an academic class, in hands on application of knowledge, skills, and abilities, and is connected to a grade. Each professor will have their own criteria and/or rubric for the service-learning assignment.

Please read this online orientation carefully, then print the last page as verification of orientation completion.

Download the Student Documentation and Waiver Forms from


These are vital forms and documentation necessary to engage in the service-learning programs at Collin College.

Sign and date all waiver forms and turn them into your professor immediately.

Keep the Student Documentation Log and complete it throughout the semester per instructions. You must submit the LOG to your professor at the end of the project in order to receive credit for the project.

Good luck and enjoy your service-learning experience!


* 1. Please indicate whether you have read the Orientation Welcome page.