* 1. “Making yoga, meditation and wellness programs affordable and accessible to everyone, in a safe, judgment free space of self-discovery. We seek to guide students to find the best version of themselves (body, mind & spirit) through their practice.”
- Energy Yoga Mission Statement

Overall, how satisfied are you with us?

* 2. As we expand, what times and days would you come to classes if offered?

* 3. Which statement do you most agree with?

* 4. What do I enjoy most about my yoga classes at Energy Yoga?

* 5. I would like to see more of this at Energy Yoga.

* 6. The reason I take yoga & meditation classes are:

  Very Important Somewhat important Not important
To loose weight and tone my body
To stay flexible
To better manage stress
To help me feel happy and experience joy in my life.
To grow spiritually as a person and become more conscience.
To help my mind stay strong and sharp as I age, preventing illnesses later in life, such as dementia and other brain disorders.
Because I enjoy our Energy Yoga community of friends.

* 7. What could we do to make your experience better?

* 8. Is there any teacher you would like to see more on the schedule and why?

* 9. Is there any teacher or class style you would like to see less of and why?