* 1. Your Contact Information

* 2. Have you entertained for girls and young women, ages 6 to 22, before?

* 3. What type of entertainer are you?

* 4. What are your compensation expectations?

As it is necessary for us to have entertainment, it is equally necessary for us to have an entertainer that's appropriate for our target audience, Hence, we ask that you provide three (3) references to individuals, groups or other establishments in which you've performed. 

* 5. Please include your 1st reference for contact.

* 6. Please include your 2nd reference for contact.

* 7. Submit the following information -

Date / Time

* 8. Please include your 3rd reference for contact.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We will be in touch with you upon the completion of us reaching all of your contacts. We are excited to speak with you. Therefore, please be sure to include all of the appropriate information. Thank you