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Human trafficking is a growing problem throughout the U.S., spreading well beyond major cities and border states. As the eyes and ears on the ground, local and state law enforcement play a critical role in the fight against this modern-day slavery. When first responders are trained in both proactive and reactive response to human trafficking and have created strong collaborative partnerships with federal law enforcement and local service providers, we can make tremendous progress towards addressing this crime globally.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Police Response to Violence Against Women Project, in partnership with DOJ’s Office on Violence Against Women, has created tools to help local and state law enforcement effectively combat the crime of human trafficking. The informational guidebook for officers (with pull-out pocket card), a three part roll-call training video, and trainer discussion questions constitute a complete training package.

Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated and will inform future efforts. As a recipient of this IACP training package on human trafficking, we are seeking your comments and feedback on these tools through this online survey.

To download any of our human trafficking training materials or to learn more about the Police Response to Violence Against Women Project, please visit:

For more information, contact:

Aviva Kurash
Project Manager
Police Response to Violence Against Women Project
1-800-The-IACP x. 809

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