Bainbridge State College

The purpose of this survey is to determine the effectiveness of the library instruction session.  Please complete the survey and return it to the library in campus mail.  We appreciate your cooperation!

* 1. For what class was the library instruction held?

* 2. How well did the librarian discuss resources that you felt were important for your students?

* 3. Was there evidence in assignments handed in after the library instruction session that your students were using more appropriate research sources?

* 4. After the library session, do you feel that your students have a better understanding between a free web based resource, such as Google, and a web based library database service, such as GALILEO (which includes databases with many full-text scholarly journals)?

* 5. Please check any (or all) methods of presentation used by the librarian:

* 6. What were your impressions of the usefulness of the methods of presentation for your students?

* 7. We would like you to have the last word!  Please use the space below for any comments about library instruction that were not covered by the questions above.