--Friday, Mar 1 (evening), and Saturday, Mar 2
--Led by amazing Yale alums!
--The Graduate Club

Hands-on leadership workshop. Past discussion leaders: entrepreneurs; athletes; Rhodes and Marshall Scholars; a World Bank executive; a retired Army General; Yale Medal winners; a college President; financial services movers-and-shakers; not-for-profit and healthcare leaders; trial lawyers….and more.

This year’s alums have worked at/with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hedge funds, community affairs, law firms, leading educational institutions, healthcare firms, advocacy nonprofits, Big Four accounting firms, investment banks, and entrepreneurship accelerators.

From these amazing Yalies, you’ll gain practical leadership tips
Truly interactive; breakout groups grapple with tough leadership challenges
You’ll get to pose and grapple with your own hard questions!

Here’s what you can expect:

➢ Our leadership forum is entirely alumni-driven, starting on Friday evening (3/1) and ending on Saturday (3/2)

>  You'll talk with Yalies who have real-life leadership wisdom from far beyond campus

>   Everything is interactive; breakout groups grapple with failure and tough leadership challenges

➢ We’ll give you time to connect with students, postdocs, and alumni leaders

➢ We'll later host a post-Forum dialogue on your views...and share them with the rest of Yale

> What you tell us (below) will help us to create a terrific blend of attendees, breakout groups, etc.

> We're grateful to you for investing your time to answer the questions below. 


Stephen Blum '74
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives (AYA)
Branford Resident Fellow