Next Steps After the March for Science

Following up on the historic March for Science around the world this past weekend, and in these times of unprecedented attacks on science, environmental protections, immigrants, and other vulnerable communities, the Postdoc Union is committed to defending science and research, and we want to hear from you about how best to move forward.

Please fill out the following survey to help develop a program to build power for Postdocs, scientists, and other academic workers to fight back against these attacks.

* 1. What issues do you think the union should be addressing? (select as many choices as you wish)

* 2. Would you like to be more involved with the union to help protect and expand science funding, environmental protections and immigrant and visa holder rights?

* 3. What kinds of activities would you be most interested in participating in?

* 4. Are you already participating in community or campus based organizations that work on these issues?

* 5. Are there any other issues that this survey hasn’t addressed that you think are important at this political juncture?

* 6. Please Provide the Following Information if you Would Like to Get More Involved:

Thank you for taking our survey!