Introduction to the Spirituality, Leadership and Management membership survey

The Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM) network has enjoyed many years of dedicated leadership and support from its members.

With an established reputation for excellent discussions, conferences and journal publications we are keen to grow what the founders have established. We are moving in the directions of:

a) an on-going and open-ended inquiry about relationships and experiences of spirituality in leadership and management contexts in Australia, and
b) growing a community of practice about spiritual ways of being in all our lives and including work place, community and household/family life as different forms of organisation.

To help us develop SLaM in the direction that is most relevant to you, we invite you to contribute to this member survey. If you are not currently employed (and thus not currently engaged in a professional workplace role) we are still interested to hear from you with regard to your expertise past or future.

You will notice that each question explains why we are asking the question.

The survey offers multiple options and one "other" section at its conclusion in which you can add any comments where the fixed options don't suit you, or you wish to make any other comments.

The survey also invites you to volunteer your contact details, (it is not required). All information gathered in this survey will be treated as confidential and all reporting will ensure that your personal details are not communicated outside the SLaM Board to further discuss your ideas, or let you know about our events and products.

The survey enables your views to contribute to the SLaM Board's direction of development. The deadline for the first round of the survey is June 1st 2014. We will repeat the survey at our events and compile a report with all the findings for member distribution in early 2015.

If you would like others to contribute to it you can forward the link you received to them and their responses will be automatically added to the data base.

On behalf of the Board and all our members, we thank you for your time and insights.

Dr Susan Goff (President SLaM, Principal, CultureShift Pty Ltd)
Muneesh Wadhwa (SLaM Board member, Principal, Humanity in Business)