The following questionnaire aims to investigate the needs of policy makers, practitioners and other interested stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) for the efficient implementation of the 2030 Agenda and of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The results of this questionnaire will serve as a basis for the creation of a collaborative web-based platform, which will support interested actors in their activities for promoting a more sustainable, prosperous and connected region. It is very important for us to know your opinion on what the key purposes and functionality of the platform should be.

Please share the link to this questionnaire with anybody, who might be interested in increasing competence on SDGs, also within your own organization. We are very thankful for your help!

* 1. What sector do you represent?

* 2. What is the name of your organization?

* 4. What should be the key purposes of the platform? Rate each answer from 1 (lowest importance) to 5 (highest importance )

  1 2 3 4 5
Provide general information about SDGs, integrating environmental concerns with social needs and economic sustainability)
Inform about the interconnections between SDGs
Promote coordination among actors working on the same SDG(s) across sectors (horizontal connections)
Promote coordination among actors working on the same SDG(s) from local to macro-regional (vertical connections)
Share practical implementation tools
Showcase best practices and SDG-related projects
Disseminate knowledge on policies related to SDGs (local, regional, national, macroregional, EU, global)
Develop a common SDG language for easier communication across sectors

* 5. In your opinion, who would benefit the most from being a user of the platform? (you can select more than one group)

* 6. In your opinion, which functionalities should the platform provide? Rate the importance of each proposed option from 1(lowest) to 5 (highest)

  1 2 3 4 5
Cross-reference database for connecting different SDGs
List of organisations working with SDGs
Database of policies
Database of projects
Regularly updated News section
Multilingual information
Communication packages for promoting SDGs (Power Point presentations, links to videos, brochures, etc.)
Practical implementation tools
Common calendar for SDG-related events 
Forum discussions on specific SDG-related topics
Database of financing instruments supporting SDGs implementation

* 7. What challenges do you see in the present situation,  that you would like to be solved with the help of the collaborative platform? How?

* 8. Do you have any example of existing platforms (not necessarily related to SDGs) that you find useful? Please provide us with the link and briefly explain why you believe it is effective.