JA Inspire Virtual is an experiential learning career fair, aimed at 8th and 9th grade students, and open to all high school students.  It will feature businesses throughout Kentucky and expose students to careers and work readiness topics through classroom curriculum and a virtual event.  

Because of our wonderful sponsors and supporters, there is NO COST for your students to attend this event!

Please register your school and students as soon as possible--if one of the dates becomes full, you will only be able to register for the other date.  

For more information, please visit www.JAInspireVirtual.org or contact Autumne Baker at Autumne.A.Baker@ja.org (West Kentucky) or Erin Warren at Erin.Warren@jalexington.org (Bluegrass).

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* 2. What grade of students would you bring to the event? (Please check all that apply.)

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* 3. Approximately how many students would you have participate in the event?

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* 4. Which date would you prefer to have your students participate?  (Please note: you can participate at any time during the day--minimum of 3 hours is suggested.  Your students will have access to the information for up to 3 months after the event as well.)

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* 5. Are you the correct contact person going forward for your school?  If no, please list contact's name and email address (if multiple, please list all).

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* 6. I understand that part of the JA Inspire Virtual experience is preparing the students in advance.  By entering my name below, I affirm that:

1.  Students will complete all pre-event work (approximately 60 minutes) and post-event work (approximately 30 minutes).

2. We will distribute a parent communication about the JA Inspire Virtual event; a sample will be provided for you (virtual is preferred).

3. Students will participate in the JA Inspire Virtual event for a minimum of 2 hours on our assigned day.  Students and educators will also complete any surveys and/or pre- post- test materials as instructed.