Please vote on the proposed changes to the NBS Constitution and By-Laws, as included with your printed copy of The Asylum or to be found at

Also, please select one article for each award on this ballot in order to cast your vote for the two Numismatic Bibliomania Society author awards: the Joel J. Orosz Award for best article of the year in The Asylum and the Jack Collins Award for the best article by a first-time author in The Asylum.

Please only submit one ballot per NBS member. Ballots must be received by June 30, 2018 to be counted.

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* 1. As a member of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, I approve the proposed amendments to the N.B.S. Constitution and By-Laws.

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* 2. Jack Collins Award : Best article by a first-time author in 2017

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* 3. Joel J. Orosz Award : Best Article of 2017