Singapore generates about 60,000 tonnes of e-waste a year which is equivalent to discarding about 70 mobile phones per person. This number is expected to increase with greater spending power and advancement in technologies.

Have your voices heard with regards to how you manage e-waste, how this impacts your daily life, and your opinions about the "Right to Repair" law. This survey will take 7 minutes to complete. 

This survey is conducted by Sustainable Living Lab (SL2). SL2 is a consultancy that designs innovation projects to address the needs of the 3P (Public, Private & People) sector.

We will share our analysed findings on SL2’s website and social media platforms. Your response will help us gauge the public's support for the implementation of the Right to Repair law. The information we collect will not be used to identify you in any report produced from this survey.

We have collaborated with susGain, Singapore's sustainability rewards app, to offer some rewards. Earn 500 points on the susGain app for your participation in this survey. More details will be provided upon completion of the survey, in the thank you message!

For more information on this survey, you may contact Kristine [].

Thank you!

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