1. Assessing the needs of British Forces Veterans that have PTSD


I'm a veteran that suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I need your help to gather information to help other Veterans. If we don't contribute to this sort of information gathering exercise, we won't be able to bring about the changes needed to better support Veterans in this country; especially those Veterans from earlier conflicts that seem to be forgotten under the media attention on current conflicts.

Help to raise awareness of the needs of Veterans from WW2, Korea, the Falklands, Northern Ireland, The Balkan wars, Kuwait, the Gulf war and any other conflicts that I've missed by having your say in this survey.

I'm conducting a survey to find out how other veterans suffering with PTSD feel about the support that they get in the community and to allow them an open forum to say exactly what they want in terms of support services in the community.

This is an especially important survey when cuts in social care and welfare benefits are being announced by the government. In order to assist veterans, I feel we need a snapshot of the current situation with regards to care provision and access to advice, information and advocacy for veterans.

This survey is not restriced to medical care. I want to know how you cope with daily living and if there is some sort of help that could be provided for your specific needs.

I also want you to feel that you can say whatever you want on this survey. This is your chance to have your say but please make your comments constructive.

The results will be presented online on Facebook and Blogger and your anonymity is guaranteed. Your personal identification details will not be used at all as this survey doesn't record them anywhere.

Please pass this survey to anyone that has served in the British Armed Forces.

If you are doing any relelvant work to help Veterans with PTSD, you will be able to use the results from this survey.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to contribute.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

NB For those of you that feel that you might have PTSD and haven't had a diagnosis, here are some of the symptoms of PTSD:

Nightmares and/or flashbacks reliving certain traumatic incidents

Anger or rage

Mood swings

Heightened anxiety

Avoidance of things that might remind you of traumatic incidents

Hyper-vigilance (always on the look out for trouble)

Feelings of guilt for surviving an incident

* 1. Are you a veteran that has contracted Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of your service in the British Armed Forces? Or are you experiencing the symptoms of PTSD and haven't yet had a diagnosis?

* 2. Do you receive a War Disablement Pension (WDP) for your PTSD? Tick the boxes that apply to you

* 3. Are you given the option to attend centres such as 'Combat Stress' for remedial treatment?

* 4. Are you emotionally supported whilst at home or are you isolated? (please tick as many boxes as you like)

* 5. Are you homeless or do you live in unsuitable accomodation? Unsuitable accommodation could be anything that triggers your PTSD symptoms (eg noisy house, issues to do with your personal safety or security, bed sits with alcohol and drug abuse present). Please tick everything that applies to you and enter more information in the box below if you want to?

* 6. Which of the following people do you feel understand you and how PTSD affects you? please only tick one per row and feel free to add your own comments below.

  Very well Quite well Sometimes understand Don't understand at all
Your husband/wife/partner
Your Family
Your Friends
Your GP
Your Counsellor
Your Psychiatrist/Psychologist
Your Social Worker
Your Employer

* 7. Would meeting an informal support group help you?

* 8. If you were able to attend a gym or swimming pool at a subsidised cost for cardio-vascular exercise and some social networking, would this help you to cope better with PTSD?

* 9. Do you feel that you are discriminated against or stigmatised for having a mental health condition?

* 10. I realise that answering some of these questions may be difficult for you. Thank you for getting this far. This last box is your say. Please tell me what you would like help with and how you feel that it could be provided? Don't think about monetary restrictions, treat this as a wish list, a realistic one though!

The examples below are just a few - please write about anything that you want help with. Examples:

Would you like someone to help you with shopping and getting out of the house now and then?

Do you need help with preparing or eating meals?

Do you need help with bodily functions such as bathing etc?

Do you need 1-1 counselling support on a regular basis?

Do you just want someone to talk to?

Do you need a social network?