Cable TV Channel Preferences

As previously announced, the cable TV service in the Co-op is changing.  Based upon the previous cable TV survey and the changing costs of service, the Board has sought the best balance between cost and programming.

Not all of the channels from the previous line up are available but there continues to be a wide range of channels from which to choose.  Which channels we carry is up to you!

The Board and Technology Committee will use the results of this survey to finalize the list of channels.  Each member of a household within the Co-op is invited to participate.


1. Please check the channels you would like to have available on the Co-op cable TV system.
These are the only channels available in the package selected.
NOTE: We will continue to carry the Tucson ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS stations as well as Ch 5 (Co-op Information) and Ch 43 (our own local access channel).
You are limited to 41 choices for this question.

2. Please let us know on which lot in the SKP Saguaro Co-op you reside.
Note: Knowing your lot number will help us avoid duplication and to follow-up with folks we have yet to hear from.

3. How many residents in your household will be responding to this survey?