* 1. How old are you?

* 2. What is your relationship status?

* 3. What do you think this reader should do?

“My best girlfriend is cheating on my close guy friend. Should I tell him?” –Chloe, 20

* 4. And what about this reader?

“I know I want children, but my boyfriend definitely doesn’t. Should I break it off now?” –Molly, 23

* 5. Do you feel like you have more or less time to do things by yourself than you used to?

* 6. If you have less time by yourself, why do you think that is? (Please check all that apply)

* 7. If you have more time by yourself, why do you think that is? (Please check all that apply)

* 8. We all get a little green-eyed from time to time, and let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s with good reason. So tell us, how would jealous would you get in these situations? Please rate the answers below on a scale of 1 to 5.

  1. I’d be cool with it 2. I’d feel a twinge of jealousy, but would brush it off 3. I’d be kinda jealous 4. I’d be totally jealous 5. I’d freak out
You catch your guy looking at a hot girl in a club.
Your man’s new work buddy is a flirt—and a dead ringer for Gisele.
Your guy went to a strip club for his BF’s bachelor party.
He’s meeting his ex for drinks to catch up.
He won’t tell you who he’s texting.
He has a massive crush on Angelina Jolie
He’s having Facebook convos with girls you don’t know.

* 9. “I really like this guy but he lives across the country. Should we try to make a relationship work?” –Brenna, 23

* 10. Ladies, if you could ask a guy anything about sex, what would it be? Tell us and your question could be answered in an upcoming issue of Cosmo.

* 11. Got Any Crazy or Embarrassing Period Questions?