If you'd like to find out more about our teams, how this whole thing got started and how you can help us spread the story----watch this recorded webinar. Pretty interesting stuff---especially the part about Mrs. Maher being surprised with news of a radio show while she vacationed in Florida. After you watch the Webinar, please fill out the brief survey below and we'll be sure to get you plugged right in! Thanks so much and God bless! Copy/Paste or click on the following link to watch the Webinar: http://www.vimeo.com/15391229

* 1. How did you like our first virtual meeting?

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* 3. So where should we PLUG YOU IN?

* 4. GLOBETROTTERS is an additional category. We have three "Globes" that could use a few inhabitants!

aa. GLOBE "Call Me In A Crisis"
Do you thrive on chaos? Do you function best when the pressure is on and people are depending on you to shine in the midst of last-minute, stressful situations? Globe "Call Me in a Crisis" needs several "trotters" who are cool with fielding emergency task requests. If you are a planner-type and spontaneous/last-minute people drive you crazy, you may want to avoid this Globe altogether.

Are you a list person? Do you sometimes secretly add already-completed tasks to your "To-Do List" in an effort to boost your sense of accomplishment? Globe "I Get Stuff Done" is looking for "task-oriented Trotters" who love completing things, crossing items off your lists and Accomplishing multiple tasks. If you would like to be a Trotter on one or more of the GLOBES below---in addition to your Team--please check the appropriate boxes.

cc. GLOBE "O CAPTAIN, My TEAM Captain"
Do people tend to turn to you for leadership? Do you like managing, organizing projects, taking the initiative and pretty much being in charge without appearing "in charge?" We are working on assigning one or more Team Captains to each team. If this sounds right up your alley, please add your name to the Globe!

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