* 1. How many times have you attended Indie Night Film Festival? 

* 2. Are you interested in opportunities to work for and support Indie Night?

* 3. If yes, please select all that apply.

* 4. Thinking about your Indie Night Film Festival experience. How would you rate your overall experience?

* 5. What were your main interests in attending the film festival? Please select all that apply.

* 6. How did you hear about Indie Night?

* 7. Please indicate if you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with each of the
following statements. 

  strongly disagree disagree agree strongly agree
The festival is of great value.
The environment of the festival is a
fun and enjoyable one.
I thoroughly enjoyed the films that
were showcased.
The festival volunteers are friendly,
helpful, and have a positive attitude.
I would recommend Indie Night to
a friend, family member, or

* 8. What cities would you like to see Indie Night Film Festival at?

* 9. List some producers, directors, or writers you would like to see in attendance at Indie Night.

* 10. Please think about your overall experience at Indie Night Film Festival and share any of your reflections or thoughts on the event—favorite aspect, funny stories, how we can improve, etc. All comments are welcomed.