Welcome to the TGNC API Bay Area Needs Assessment!

Hello community! Welcome to the survey. This survey is intended for transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming, Asian and Pacific Islander people who live in the Bay Area.

In recent years we've witnessed our trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary community make big strides, but we're still not safe or free. When it comes to documenting our community needs, there are FEW resources that speak to the wide variety of experiences within the "TGNC API" umbrella, especially in the Bay Area. TGNC API folks are many different genders, have different ethnicities, and come from many cultures. We deserve an understanding of our community that speaks to the diversity of our experiences.

APIENC is doing community-based research, as a grassroots group of TGNC Asian and Pacific Islander people, in order to better serve our own communities. APIENC is a community organization based in the Bay Area. Since 2004, we’ve organized for rights, trained social justice leaders, and built communities centered on trans and queer justice. Our volunteer Trans Justice working group is leading this survey initiative in order to amplify the voices of all TGNC API people.

With this in mind, our survey has three key goals:
-- Identify and amplify the needs of transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary Asians and Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area
-- Understand the current landscape of resources and gaps to inform our strategies and initiatives
-- Uplift leadership and develop skills of TGNC API leaders to build community-centered programs

The survey has 96 questions and should take 30 minutes of your time. Participation is optional, and all responses will be kept confidential. Before each section, you'll be prompted with a description of the types of questions being asked. At that time, you can proceed or move to the next section without seeing that content. You may stop the survey at any time.

To thank you for your time we are offering a $25 Visa Gift Card. To ensure that our TGNC API community can access this survey, we're offering 100 gift cards to participants. If you elect to receive the compensation, you'll be asked to email APIENC for a special code on the last page of the survey. If you decline the compensation, you're helping APIENC provide it to another community member!

We’re excited to share our learnings with you. We’re excited to uplift you!

This survey is for us, by us, in order to serve us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please feel free to contact Sammie at sammie@apienc.org.

We want to give a special shout out to the National Center for Transgender Equality 2015 Survey, and the Coalition for Rights and Safety for People in the Sex Trade in Seattle/King County for support and guidance with survey questions.

Question Title

* 1. Do you identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, or as any gender other than the one you were assigned at birth?

Question Title

* 2. Do you identify with any of the ethnic/racial identities under the Asian and Pacific Islander umbrella?

Question Title

* 3. Do you live in the Bay Area?