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* 1. Where do you live? You can just give us a city/county and state or province. We don't need your exact address! :)

* 2. Where did you take a birth preparation class?

* 3. Who recommended this birth prep?

* 4. How long was your class/did your group meet?

* 5. Which of the following options in birth care did your birth class include. Please choose as many as apply.

* 6. When you finished your birth prep choice did you feel you were adequately prepared?

* 7. After you gave birth did you feel your birth prep choice left you prepared for birth?

* 8. What type of care provider did you start out with?

* 9. What type of care provider did you ultimately choose?

* 10. Tell us more about your birth experience, from birth prep to the birth itself. Be a birth link!