Wedding Planning Questionnaire

Agawam Flower Shop would be honored to be part of your wedding planning. Flowers play an important part to make every event special, especially weddings. The colors, the style, the fragrance and the visual beauty gives your wedding a personal touch. We want your wedding to shine your vision. Let us guide you with a professional consultation. Please take a moment to fill this questionnaire. It will only be used as a reference by our staff to help plan your wedding and make suggestions. Our wedding consultant will review and contact you via email or phone to discuss how we may assist you.  

* 1. When and Where will your wedding be?

* 2. What is your wedding/event color/theme/style? (check all that apply)

* 3. Who will you be providing flowers for in your wedding? Please check all that apply.

* 4. Will you be needing flowers for the ceremony/church venue?

* 5. How many guests will be invited?

* 6. Will you need floral designs for your guest tables/reception venue?

* 7. What is your flower budget?

* 8. How were you referred to Agawam Flower Shop?

* 9. What is your preference for meeting with our Wedding Consultant.

* 10. Please provide your name and contact so that our Wedding Consultant may contact you.