Today we would like to ask you one question about nature-based activities and events in Scotland.

Conservation Scotland is a website which has been sharing nature-based events for two years now, with over 30 local and national groups and organisations posting their activities and opportunities into a single calendar online (who?). Please answer the question below.

If you are not familiar with the site, that's ok. If you want to do more for nature and climate action in 2020, please respond below and get all the event details you need for your diary at And follow us on Twitter (@whyconserve) and help us to get as many responses to the question as possible by sharing the link -

Please answer the question below. Thank you for your help. Got a question for us?

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* 1. Presently, all events added to the Conservation Scotland community by member groups and organisations are free to attend. Do you think this should change, so that events with a cost can also be added?

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* 2. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Please use the space below. Thank you.