Connecticut Sea Grant: Redefining Our Priorities

We ask for your input as we undergo a strategic planning process.

About Connecticut Sea Grant:

Connecticut Sea Grant (CTSG) is located at the Avery Point Campus of the University of Connecticut. One of 32 Sea Grant programs nationwide, CTSG is generally characterized as a small program, with an annual base budget of just under $1M in federal funds. Focusing its efforts primarily on Long Island Sound, the number of relevant opportunities for CTSG involvement far exceed the staff and resources available to address them. As such, CTSG program management clearly recognizes that both the long-term impact and legacy of the program depend on the staff's ability to develop and foster critical partnerships and leverage funds and resources to serve its large constituency and achieve its planned outcomes.

The management of CTSG is currently guided by its 2007-2013 strategic plan available at http://www.seagrant.uconn.edu/publications/strategic/ctsgstratplan07-13.pdf. Important information in guiding the management of the program is found below.

Our vision is to foster sustainable use and conservation of coastal and marine resources for the benefit of the environment and current and future generations of residents of Connecticut and the Region.

Our mission it to work towards achieving healthy coastal and marine ecosystems and consequent public benefits by supporting integrated locally and nationally relevant research, outreach and education programs in partnership with stakeholders.

Connecticut Sea Grant activities are currently directed at three areas of strategic focus for the program:
• Marine aquaculture
• Use and conservation of marine resources, ecosystems and habitats
• Marine and aquatic science literacy

These thematic areas address the national priorities of Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, Safe Sustainable Seafood Supply, and Sustainable Coastal Development. Climate change adaptation and hazard resilient coastal communities are integrated into ongoing programs as appropriate and opportunities arise.

The CTSG program staff ask you to participate in a survey to assist us in defining our priorities for the future so that we can better serve your needs. The survey has 16 questions and should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you,

CT Sea Grant staff