* 1. Overall, how would you rate the AHA's 77th Annual Conference in Las Vegas?

* 2. How did this conference compare to other AHA Conferences?

* 3. What motivated you to attend this conference? (Check all that apply.)

* 4. How do you rate the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino's special room rate of $99 per night for AHA conference attendees, considering both quality and location?

* 5. Which sessions or speakers did you like best? (Please describe.)

* 6. Which sessions or speakers did you like least? (Please describe.)

* 7. How would you rate the following banquet speakers, awardees and entertainment?

  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor N/A
Lauren Barnhart, The Problem With Purity
JR Becker, Selling Reality In A World Of Fairy Tales
Ryan Bell, Taking Materialism Seriously
Rob Boston, The Religious Right’s Fake News
Andrew Bradley & Deven Green, Humanist Arts Award
Cardio Spider Comedy
Thea Deley, How Humanists Can Save Humanity
Karen Garst, From Goddess to God
Richard Greene, How Can A Humanist Stop Global Warming
Gavin Grimm, Keynote Speaker
Mark Gura, Humanists’ Guide to Mindfulness Meditation
Amy Halpern-Laff, The Ethical Case for Ending Factory Farming
Ralph Hughes, Assembling A Humanist “Resistance” Movement
Jennifer Kalmanson, Constructive Communication
Ana Kasparian, Humanist Media Award
Lori Lipman Brown, Identifying Gender … or Not
Dale McGowan, As the American Church Crumbles, Is Humanism Ready?
Anthony Pinn & Juhem Navarro-Rivera, A Humanist Response to Racial Injustice
Glenn Northern: Securing Reproductive Rights
Ijeoma Oluo, Feminist Humanist Award
Jennifer Ouellette, Humanist of the Year
Lyle Simpson, The Science of Humanistic Psychology
David Suzuki, Lifetime Achievement Award
Chris Thompson, The Need for Cannabis Advocacy
Toni Van Pelt, NOW: National Organization for Women
Kristin Wintermute & Emily Newman: Let’s Engage and Grow Humanist Communities
Roy Zimmerman, Entertainer

* 8. Did you participate in any of the following conference activities? (Check all that apply.)

* 9. AHA Conferences are currently held plenary-style (all attendees in one room listening to one lecture) rather than previous years with concurrent breakout sessions (2-3 sessions in different rooms for different lectures). Which format do you prefer?

* 10. We welcome your feedback. What topics, speakers, or awardees would you like to see at future conferences? Do you plan to attend a future AHA conference? Please add any final thoughts.